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RAM- From History till Date | RAM 1500

RAM 1500

Today we will know about the companies that are leading in their truck sector with some real hard & smart work. We will get to know about trucks like RAM from their history to date. You will also know about the latest RAM 1500 and we will be seeing it in brief.


News by: CNBC
News by: CNBC

*Ongoing battles between Detroit three GM (General Motors), Ford and Ram are often called “Truck Wars”.

*RAM- From History till Date is the slogan as it

*General Motors is the largest seller of big-size and mid-size trucks. Ford F-series is the best-selling line of full-size trucks.

*But third-place company “RAM” made an epic entry in the truck line by snagging major industry awards and stealing market share from rivals. Ram is killing it.

*Ram sales has increased about three times in the last decade taking food out of its rivals.


Ram models in U.S
Ram models in U.S

*Ram automobiles was found on 2010, 11 years ago. Ram headquarters are in Auburn Hills, Michigan, U.S.

Ram serves in these areas:

North America, Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Angola.

Ram’s key people are:

Reid Bigland (CEO of Global Ram brand)

James C. Morrison (Head of Ram North America)

Ram’s parent company is Stellantis and its predecessor are Fargo Trucks and Dodge Truck Division.


*Ram brand was once actually part of Dodge, but the two were separated as Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy under the oversight of the late Sergio Marchionne (Former CEO, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles).

*The idea was that the split allows Ram to focus exclusively on trucks while permitting Dodge to focus on developing performance.

*The company first started using the Ram logo on its cars in 1932, and it was still used on Dodge models until FCA began rolling out new logos sometime after the brand’s split in 2009.

*Ram sold reasonably well but was often known as a more affordable alternative to those offered by GM (General Motors) and Ford.

Rise of Ram

 Market status
Market status

After FIAT took over the company began to emerge from bankruptcy, Ram came out swinging.

In 2010, GM and Ford were roughly tied and pick up market share, each with just over 38% with Ram solidly in third place at just 14.6%. But, over the next eight years, Ram grew its share of the market to more than 22%, while Ford lost 1% of its share and GM lost nearly 5%.

To be fair, Japanese import brand Toyota also lost some share at that time from 6.8% of the market to 4.9%, and fellow Japanese maker Nissan gained a sliver of market share. But Ram is now threatening to displace Chevrolet as the second best-selling full-size pickup brand in the United States.

Allyson Harwood

(Associate Editor, Features Kelly Blue book)

So, I think Ram’s idea then was OK, then maybe, our strategy should be to build a really, really good all-around truck. Let’s make it comfortable, make the interiors nice. Let’s make the ride quality really good.

*They are also a huge source of profits for automakers. So, industry watchers aren’t expecting this one to be over anytime soon. If you think about building a small car and you need so much amount of steel or so much amount of wiring harness, or so much amount of leather or cloth to cover the seats and you can charge $20,000 for a small car.

You need more of all of those materials to build a pickup truck, but you’re charging four times the cost. It’s an interesting element of the market too. Smaller products are not as profitable as larger products.

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Latest 2021 RAM 1500

The latest 2021 RAM 1500 Limited is throwing in several new features this year. All in a bid to stay ahead of stiff competition the all-new f-150 is just now arriving at dealerships. So, does it succeed at that mission? Did Ram become invincible from history till date?

Ram 1500- New Heavy Duty Night Edition
Ram 1500- New Heavy Duty Night Edition

One thing Ram has always done really right is the exterior design. Ram 1500 limited is a super handsome truck that really grabs your attention when it is rolling down.

In front, we get a fully loaded limited trim so that to get you the fanciest front design. So, we have a very intricately styled chrome grille however new for 2021 you have a night edition that you can choose for the first time. The night edition brings the full black in the front Ram side.

And if we talk about the headlights, we get some serious premium-looking headlights in the limited trim edition. Then below the trim headlights, we get a headlight that of fog type ofc of white color.

The wheels are really something that adds a lot of zing to this design. The 22-inch polished alloy wheels are optional on the Limited trim level.

Otherwise, you’ll have a normal 20-inch but the twenty-two-inch one is quite a different breed 0that will give chills to your driving experience.

Brakes: RAM 1500

Front: 14.9-in vented

Rear: 14.8-in vented

Inside mirrors, we have several features like power-folding then blind-spot monitoring you’ve got the chrome cap led turn signal and for the latest model of 2021, these are two mirrors. We got 360 cameras so now these can be combines together so that’s definitely a nice addition.

Cab configuration: RAM 1500

All Cab Configurations
All Cab Configurations

Here on limited edition, we get a limited number of cab configurations so it’s going to be crew cab and only, and as far as your beds you have the five and five-foot seven-inch bed or this optional six-foot four-inch bed.

REAR design: RAM 1500

The rear design is as classy as ever ram 1500 as the taillights are going to be fully led as you can tell the turn signal the reverse light, as well as the brake light, are all going to be led which is nice for a truck in this price range. Dropping down you’re also going to notice that Ram 1500 has a dual chrome exhaust outlet that’s going to be if you go for the hemi or the diesel engine option. Walking up to the tailgate you’re probably noticing one of the cool features that this particular model has and that’s the multi-function tailgate and it actually can open into two different pieces.

Payload: RAM 1500

2,300 lbs. maximum

Then looking into the tailgate, we do have an optional bed liner on this particular model that is quite nice we have led lighting on both.

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